A new series on excellence and growth for 2024: “Failing Fast, Failing Well”

Coming in 2024: “Failing Fast, Failing Well”

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I’ve written in the past about the limitations we put on ourselves by placing too much focus and pressure on one another to learn from providers who have achieved Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grades at inspection.

Every provider I’ve had the pleasure of working with who has been awarded the top grade has one thing in common. That ‘thing’ is the humility to see that their own achievement is specific to that time, and their context and learners.

More importantly, they’re open to saying there are many times in between inspections when their provision is not consistently outstanding. It’s as bumpy as everyone else’s. Life just isn’t that linear.

We need to talk about this more often. To show excellence is attainable with a dose of realism. To show there are many providers – I can think of at least five right now – who have outstanding provision but not the badge, for no other reason than they aren’t due an inspection. Equally, I can think of every type of education establishment from early years upwards with a Grade 1 who would tell you their provision currently isn’t at the same level of quality it was during the year they were inspected. And you know what? That’s ok too.

I’ve thought deeply about how to get that balance right. Avoiding comparisons between providers. Yes, of course getting hints and tips but knowing that’s what they are. Nothing more, nothing less. Only you walk in your shoes.

So with that in mind, here’s what’s coming in 2024.

Our new event series and podcast is called Failing Fast, Failing Well. And that’s exactly what it will be about. Bringing the voices of people in our sector – whatever their Ofsted grade – to the table to share those times we’ve failed, what we learned, and how to help you not make the same mistakes that we have. Or at the very least, fix them quickly.

There’s so much to learn from how we respond to the tough times to drive change. And hell, we’ve all got tough times in common.

I can’t wait. Watch this space and make sure you’re one of the thousands of practitioners who receive our weekly newsletter to be the first to hear about the dates. (follow this link)

Let’s keep making the massive difference to the quality of provision that we have in 2023.

I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved together as a community.

More to do.

Let’s go.

Blog by Lou Doyle, Mesma CEO

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