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Every touchpoint is an opportunity to help your customers progress towards their goals.

Empower your colleagues to deliver the highest quality support, coaching and guidance every time.

Fast, clear and impactful decision making that helps your customers to achieve their potential.

Access to real time data and reporting in one central place helps quality teams to quickly identify what is working well for customers and what must be improved.

Mesma is an engaging and collaborative software platform that supports individuals and teams to develop a clear picture of their areas of strength in quality assurance and the key areas for quality improvement.

Clear and efficient oversight across your delivery areas and supply chain.

Mesma has the flexibility to support both the smallest niche provider and the most complex international delivery structure.

With mesma you gain access to a complete suite of tools to reflect on and improve quality at individual, team and organisation level. Strip away hours of manual administration in quality assurance and eliminate bottlenecks in processes. Make quality assurance data available quickly across the organisation.

Develop world class quality assurance systems and processes.

Mesma is the only software platform developed for the employability sector to support a wide range of quality assurance and improvement practices.

From creating the annual quality calendar to building a quality framework based on the criteria set by funders and regulators – Mesma supports you to develop your one stop quality assurance hub with everything you need at hand.

Help your colleagues and your company to thrive.

Empower your colleagues to take ownership of their quality improvement through reflective self assessment, peer reviews, quality action plans and themed deep dive reviews.

Mesma is a space to develop a quality focused community where advisers and managers can share positive impact and good practice internally and externally for the benefit of your customers, employers and stakeholders.

Develop a forward looking and sustainable model of quality improvement.

Our work in policy and strategy is supporting the employability sector to develop its approach to quality assurance and improvement. With increased focus from commissioners on the quality of provision; it’s important to understand how you achieve the result, not just the result itself.

Benefit from the optimum combination of technology driven insights and wraparound community support with access to specialist employability focused quality assurance expertise, guidance and resources.

“Its helping us to continually improve and ensure the high quality service we offer to our customers.”

– Sandra Russell, Head of Quality Assurance. Fedcap.

More Customer Success

Mesma transforms quality assurance and improvement at an individual, team or global level.


Self assessment that aids critical evaluation. Helps you to pinpoint works well and what must be improved.

Benchmark to Standards

Report generation

Quality assurance analytics.



Drives your quality improvement plans to deliver betters results, faster. With clear oversight and accountability.

Links to self evaluation and enquiries

Monitors progress

Captures impact



Nurtures reflective practice and continual professional development for your delivery teams.

Templates and scheduling

Practitioner dashboards

Development needs analysis



Take a deep dive in to the quality of your provision aligned to your self assessment report.

Part of Evaluate product

Quality calendar

Continuous quality oversight



A central location to store and manage core quality documents and evidence. Helps you to bring quality assurance to life.

Permission structured access

Link evidence throughout


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Mesma makes quality assurance more for everyone in your organisation.