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Coordinate, produce and link your self assessment report and deep dive enquiries more quickly and easily than ever before.

Build a richer picture of quality that informs confident, timely decision making. Anticipate where support for quality improvement is needed, faster.

Popular features​:

  • Benchmarking to chosen standards
  • Clear insights and analytics
  • Bank of enquiry templates developed by QA specialists

Don’t simply collect periodic QA data through the same channels – widen the net, involve more colleagues, and use it to improve.

Cut the time you spend on administration of quality assurance activity by half.

  • A ready made self assessment report builder
  • A consistent workflow for everyone
  • Built to your own structure – teams - departments - partners etc.
  • Easily scalable – 1 user to 1000’s
  • Notifications on updates
  • Tracking completion in real time
  • Consistent with government self assessment requirements
  • Link evidence directly to judgements
  • A moderation and approval process built in
  • Clear insights to areas of strength and weakness
  • Colourful dashboards and reports that bring self assessment to life
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Guidance on the quality standards on hand
  • Supports clear and concise report writing
  • Create activity directly into the improvement plan
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Give your colleagues the capability and confidence to become their best and give their best.

Develop supports collaborative, trusted and developmental observations of practice in any format including learning walks, peer support and personal reflection.

Popular features​:

  • Template builder and template library
  • Dashboards for practitioners and observers
  • Auto-scheduling activity

Develop makes light work of creating, coordinating and analysing observational activity. Your focus can be on sharing good practice and support where needed.

  • A consistent approach
  • Personal ownership aligned with the central strategy
  • Easily identify areas of good practice to share with others
  • Evidence-based staff development strategy
  • Better insights into the impact of observation support
  • A rich source of evidence for self evaluation
  • Secure permission settings
  • Easy to set up and manage locally and centrally
  • Saves hours of manual admin – data entry and processing
  • Aligned with your quality standards
  • Aligned with your improvement plan
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quality improvement plan software Application


- a core part of Mesma Quality Assurance Software. Comes with Evaluate and Develop

Drives your quality improvement plans to deliver better results, faster. With clear oversight and accountability.

Popular features​:

  • Links to self evaluation and deep dive enquiries
  • Monitors progress and impact
  • User reminder notifications

Improve is a whole organisation collaborative approach to improvement planning. It allows you to allocate and manage ownership for improvement activity with people across your organisation. You can easily set deadlines, report on progress and capture the desired & actual impact.

  • Accountability for improvement activities at individual and departmental level
  • Flexibility in set-up to meet the needs of every organisation - whatever your size and location
  • Easily scalable - 1 user to 1000s
  • Copy - link and move activity to manage plans easily
  • Notifications and reminders on deadlines and updates
  • Tracking completion and impact in real time
  • Clear links to self assessment and quality enquiries
  • Visibility of improvement plan activity in real-time
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
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Resources with sample doc

NEW Resources

- a core part of Mesma Quality Assurance Software. Comes with Evaluate and Develop

Our experience is now your expertise

Users can now access the first collections within the Resources drawer in the main menu

Popular features​:

  • Exclusive resources to advance excellence in quality assurance and improvement
  • Collections cover various aspects of quality assurance and improvement
  • Supports personal development and colleague engagement

Users can now access the first collections within the Resources drawer in the main menu.

Resources is part of the Mesma roadmap to supercharge clarity and confidence in quality assurance and improvement. These developments include new features, AI enhancement, as well as launching the not for profit Quality Professionals Awards.

  • Each collection includes a range of tools such as: templates; short and long videos; guides
  • Crafted by our specialist team utilising tried-and-true tools and strategies from the Mesma toolbox
  • Easy to download and use
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- a core part of Mesma Quality Assurance Software. Comes with Evaluate and Develop

All your quality management evidence and documents can be securely stored and managed in one central place.

Your library helps you mange relevant reports, policies, quality assurance processes and reference files simply and easily. Access from key locations throughout the platform and link to the relevant places to ensure that your quality management practices are well evidence.

Popular features​:

  • Create your filing structure to suit your organisation
  • Allocate the relevant permissions to the right people
  • Link the relevant documents to the right areas

Library is provided as part of the package for all Mesma platform users. It allows your users to link various evidence sources to multiple key questions within your self assessment report and as evidence in observations and thematic reviews.

  • Secure permission settings to ensure only the right people can access the right information
  • Easy to set up and managed locally and centrally
  • Time and resource saving by reducing paper and email communication
  • Prevents file duplication and overwriting
  • Document control and file management
  • Provided free to clients using other Mesma products
  • Ease of access of the latest quality improvement files for team members
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Mesma Impact

Implement a robust approach

A range of ready made tools to develop your approach to quality assurance

Built from scratch or start from a library of templates built by our sector experts

Standards and Frameworks
Select from a range of the most popular quality standards or develop your own

Inbuilt throughout the quality standards to guide you and your colleagues around the criteria

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Keep focused and save time

Help everyone to stay on task and save hours of time following up on updates

Quality Calendar
A birds eye view over all quality assurance and improvement activity.

Auto Scheduling
Populates individual schedules based on the strategy you create

Email Reminders
Saves chasing for updates helps to keep everyone focused on the work in hand

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Reports and analytics

Clear insights that help you to make well informed decisions quickly

Standard and Custom Reporting
Slice and dice data into reports, and build dashboards to share insights with your team.

Make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics.

Impact and Progress Monitoring
Know how well your quality improvement activity is progressing and the impact it is having in real time

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“As a training provider, Mesma offers us advantages around quality assurance, notably its a more effective self-assessment and improvement planning tool that provides easy-to-understand information at the touch of a button.”

– Hays Travel.

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