The Mesma Cognassist LDD Framework

We are excited to bring you a new Learning Difficulty or Disability (LDD) quality assurance self assessment framework in partnership with our colleagues at Cognassist.

A recent change of language from Ofsted now highlights the need to fully support all learners and has put a spotlight on equality and ensuring that every learner is supported.

“True quality and true equality incorporate educational equity.”
Dr Louise Karwowski, Cognassist.

The LDD QA Framework is a free-of-charge self assessment tool available to all further education and apprenticeship providers.

The framework is now available on the Mesma QA software platform.

Mesma takes you step by step through the 5 key stages or “pillars” of the learner journey and facilitates your own self-reflection.

In this video, we explain why it’s important for all providers and how you can get started.

You can get started on the LDD QA Framework on the Mesma platform here:

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