Where’s Ducky? Christmas Competition

Where’s Ducky? Get your ducks in a row with the Mesma Festive Fridays competition.

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The competition is just for fun, but the prize is ‘snow joke’!

The winner of the Festive Fridays competition will receive a hamper packed with goodies.

You will also get the opportunity for a free SAR and QIP review session with Mesma CEO, Lou Doyle.

Lou will help you get your quality assurance and improvement ducks in a row and be ready to take on 2024.

How to enter…

The ducks are “oot on the Toon” around Mesma’s HQ in Newcastle-Upon- Tyne this Christmas.

If you can find the grid location of Ducky, Mesma’s white Christmas duck, you can enter the competition. See the image of Ducky on the left.

Complete the form below to enter.

Entries close 15th December at 12:00

The winner is Christine Maher, Quality Manager at Kaplan.

Ducky was located at K2

The prize is on it’s way to Christine.

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