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Mesma Impact Report 22-23

Mesma is a people business that deals in technology.

Over time, whilst the sentiment behind this hasn’t changed, our mission has evolved.

We continue to focus on providing quality management software and advisory services for education and employment support sectors so they can be at their best for the people who matter most to them; their learners and customers.

Alongside this, our understanding of the type of employer we want to be has developed over time. In particular, our drive to create and advocate for alternative routes into employment, providing meaningful work or industry experience for those who may need additional support, and using our experience of change leadership, involuntary roles in education, or employability.
Emerging from what has arguably been one of the most challenging times in all of our history, has magnified the need for this rounded approach to being a ‘people business that deals in technology’ more than ever before.

Many of our clients operate to an academic year, reflecting on their impact during the twelve months between August and July. We’ve chosen to use the same period when reviewing our impact, so that we can take the learning forward to inform our work with them, as clients plan for their year ahead.

We have considered the problems we aim to address, how well we have addressed them against our performance metrics, and the steps we plan to take in 2023-2024 to build on our strengths.

The attached report summarises a selection of key projects, team growth, external advocacy, and other relevant voluntary activities.

We’re excited about what 23/24 holds but recognise that many in the sectors in which we operate are facing challenging financial times. Co-creating cost effective solutions without compromising on quality is paramount. Advances in technology such as generative AI will help us remain at the forefront of quality management.

You can access the full report here. 



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