NEW: Resources Now Live on Mesma

NEW: Resources Now Live on Mesma

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The new Resources drawer is now live on the Mesma quality assurance and improvement software.

It takes time to develop and embed quality practices and it can be tricky to source tools, templates, and guidance to establish quality assurance and improvement practices.

If you need a direct path to confidence in quality assurance – we’re here to guide you.

The launch of Resources combines the expertise of Mesma consultancy services with the efficiency and clarity of the software, offering a complete solution like never before.

Each resource collection includes a range of tools such as templates, short and long videos, guides, and more.

What sets these resources apart is that they have been crafted by our specialist team utilising tried-and-true tools and strategies from the Mesma toolbox. This ensures that every piece of content is tailored to deliver the utmost value.

Resources are available to all users on paid plans today. You’ll find it in the main menu.

You will be able to access them in the main menu.

Resources form part of the Mesma 2024-25 roadmap to supercharge clarity and confidence in quality assurance and improvement. These developments include new features, AI enhancement, as well as launching the not for profit Quality Professionals Awards.

They are a core part of the Mesma subscription so for most customers it comes with Evaluate and Develop. If you are not sure check in with the Mesma helpdesk.

Users can now access the first collections within the Resources draw in the main menu.

  • Preparing for Ofsted
  • QA Practices

Popular features​ in Resources include…

  •  Exclusive resources to advance excellence in quality assurance and improvement
  •  Collections cover various aspects of quality assurance and improvement
  •  Supports personal development and colleague engagement


For more information on using Mesma – complete a contact form or book a call with the team today.

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