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Four steps to successfully implement Mesma quality assurance software: Step Two

Step Two – Motivation to change

You’re clear on the return on investment for purchasing Mesma but with so much going on, it’s difficult to see how you’ll find the headspace to implement it successfully.

Sound familiar?

Juggling the day job and implementing changes to the way we do things can feel tough. There’ll always be day to day pressures that keep us rooted in the status quo.

So, combining our years of change management consultancy with the experiences of our clients, here are a series of short blogs covering the four steps to help you to plan for success and make that return on investment a reality.

There’s never a right time to bring in new ways working – whether it be Mesma’s quality assurance software or another change to working practice. The key is to prepare well in order to avoid sticking to doing the same things, even when we know we can improve upon them.

In our last post, we focused on the Case for Change.

This week we’ll focus on Step 2: Motivating people to support the change.

The melting pot of motivation

We started to lean towards this second step in our last post by considering the ‘what’s in for me?’. The personal ‘Why?’ for you and your peers.

There are many things that go into the melting pot of motivation to try something new.

We like Dan Pink’s simple but effective position on motivation. It can help to think through the three points below when you’re planning your communications to understand or explain the reasons for implementing Mesma.

Pink focuses on:

  • Autonomy to act
  • ability to master what we do
  • Clear link to the purpose that connects us to the wider organisation and our own goals or values

In the case of Mesma, here are some of things we hear most often to show you how they relate:

“It’ll be great to give people the framework to carry-out QA activities within their own departments and own their improvement plans.”

“The focus on developmental observations will be helpful to encourage practitioners take lead the process and inform CPD.”

“We aim to use Mesma to help us to identify and overcome problems that stop us from achieving our organisation’s quality performance indicators.”

“We have an ambition to be judged as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. We know from the work we have done with your team that to achieve this, we need to remind ourselves that our own purpose and values are central to what we do.” 


Step Two Simple Checklist

We have identified:

  • How Mesma supports people to achieve autonomy and mastery in their role. We know how best can we position this in our communication plan.
  • A senior sponsor for the implementation and confirmed the role they will play to help the roll-out be successful aligned to our purpose.
  • A user champion(s) and confirmed the role they will play to help the roll-out be successful.
  • Other ways we can involve our peers in the roll-out.
  • The role we want the team at Mesma to play in the roll-out and wider advisory support.
  • Ideas to gradually build up people’s commitment to the change.
  • How we will support them in very practical ways to make the transition.

Finally, don’t forget the simple but important stuff; identify the risks and issues with the implementation and keep them under review with the sponsor, taking action where needed.

In the next blog covering Step Three, we’ll focus on upskilling the team.

To talk to the team about how Mesma helps you to create a world class quality assurance approach drop us a note on the contact page here.

The steps we’ll cover in this series are:

Step 1: Case for Change

Step 2: Motivation to Change

Step 3:  Upskilling the Team

Step 4: Embedding the Change

Join the Mesma online community to download a free resource covering the checklist for all four steps here.

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