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Using Deep Dives in Quality Assurance

  • 06 June 2022

Taking a Deep Dive into Deep Dives

A deep dive review or enquiry is standard practice within the quality assurance toolbox. It even has its own dictionary definition ‘to conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of something”.

Conducting a deep dive is a technique that we can use to:

  • Solve problems
  • Generate ideas
  • Fully understand a situation

Deep dives can be an excellent addition to your quality assurance cycle if done well. They can help overcome one of the key challenges we are often asked by quality professionals; How can I better involve my colleagues in quality assurance?

How can I better involve my colleagues in quality assurance?

On Monday 6 June (2-3.30pm), Mesma and SDN are teaming up to host this brand-new webinar, we’ll help you:

  • Consider the activities that can make up a deep dive and why to do them
  • Explore simple techniques for evaluation, ideas generation and problem solving
  • Understand our 7 top tips that result in success
  • Understand how Ofsted use deep dives during inspection
  • Led by Louise Doyle
  • CEO Mesma and Strategic Senior Associate SDN
  • Monday 06 June 1400 -1530
  • You can book onto the session for £80.00 (+VAT). This includes the session (with Q&A)
  • webinar recording and slides.

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