Prevent Duty: Seven points for independent training providers to consider

Prevent Duty: Seven points for independent training providers to consider

Following the publication of the Prevent Duty Guidance for Further Education colleges and independent training providers in England , Ofsted has recently produced a report summarising progress to date.

Whilst there were numerous positives identified, particularly in colleges, there was evidence not all independent training providers are where they ought to be in implementing the requirements.

What can independent training providers learn from the report?

  • Clear expectation that Prevent Duty is implemented in a meaningful way in the organisation, with providers encouraged to adopt robust action plans and avoid a tick box approach to implementation.
  • Policies and processes for engaging external speakers should be in place and perhaps more importantly, senior leaders have mechanisms to check such policies and processes are being undertaken in practice.
  • Engage with external partners in a multi-agency approach, for example the Local Authority and police wherever possible.
  • Ensure staff (at all levels) training goes beyond minimum requirements of for example, introductory online training. Engage local partners to ensure training for staff has depth and is relevant to the local community in which you operate.
  • Avoid an over-dependency on BIS Prevent Co-ordinators or Local Authorities. Take responsibility for ensuring polices and processes are in place.
  • Ensure risk assessments have appropriate level of detail and associated action plans are practical and specific to what is needed.
  • Policies and procedures for IT should make specific reference to Prevent and action is taken to restrict access to harmful websites.

We would add to this the need to review the management of sub-contractors to ensure due diligence and ongoing monitoring incorporates Prevent Duty implementation.

Existing Mesma clients can access a self-evaluation and action plan to support Prevent Duty implementation. Please contact your account manager or

New clients can access the Prevent module to help develop a whole organisation approach to meeting the requirements for £99 plus VAT. Please contact us on or request a demo through the website

We are running a webinar for existing and new clients to show you how you can use the framework in practice on Tuesday 6th Sept at 11am. You can register here

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