Working across the UK and beyond, in communities and in prisons, Working Links addresses the challenges faced by socially excluded people. They strive to tackle poverty of aspiration by working with people to motivate and increase self-esteem and change often deep-rooted mindsets about dependency.

Working Links has a complex operation, with staff located throughout The UK and internationally. It’s Customer First standard is at the core of it’s approach to quality assurance; reflecting the expectations of both the DWP Merlin Standard and Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework.


How We Helped

Mesma maps directly to Working Link’s internally devised quality standard, providing flexibility for the quality team to modify the self assessment’s content and approach in line with business requirements. There are over 100 team members utilising Mesma to undertake annual self assessment and ensure accountability for improvements is retained at individual, site and regional levels. The solution helps the central quality team to oversee all of this in real-time, focusing on impact and output rather than chasing updates or following email and paper trails.

Mesma has helped us to engage our regional staff in undertaking self evaluation and allows us to track and report on improvement activity centrally to ensure we are in control of making positive changes that can impact on the service we offer our customers.