In 2013/14 Burnside Primary school topped the league table in Northumberland for Key Stage 2 SATs results. The school has a clear vision to be seen as outstanding by the community it serves and these results are a small part in achieving this. It is a large primary with over 300 pupils with a further 70 children in it’s nursery.

How We Helped

Mesma is used as a key strategic tool to manage school-wide improvement planning activity in line with the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework. It allows the school to hold a central resource of information which underpins self evaluation. One of the key benefits has been engaging governors in sharing files with one another as well as giving real-time exposure to information from the school team which supports effective governance. This has also proven of value by increasing efficiency, reducing paperwork and effective time management for clerking of sub-committees and demonstrating the way in which the board of governors lead the school when speaking with external bodies such as the Local Authority and in future, Ofsted.

As Mesma is a cloud-based solution the software is accessible from any location via secure log-ins so does not limit the users to access via the school network.

To give ourselves a head start to being ready for inspection, we have introduced Mesma. It is adaptable, versatile and cost effective resulting in us sharing the benefits with other schools in our local network.