Weston-super-Mare based AAA Training & Recruitment provides training and apprenticeships in the hospitality, leisure, health and social sectors, helps upwards of learners to achieve nationally recognised qualifications from its head office in Watford and a number of bases across the UK

The 25-strong team uses Mesma software to evaluate staff progress and implement plans to secure self-assessment and improvement planning requirements.

How We Helped

Investment in mesma has achieving significant time saving benefits, according to quality director Emma Choat, who estimates that she’s seen a 50% reduction in the time taken to manage quality procedures using Mesma, when compared to other software systems.

A key feature of the system adopted by AAA Training & Recruitment is the Observe module, which allows users to centrally schedule and capture the outcomes of ongoing and wide-ranging observations, across the learning journey.

This module allows Emma to improve the observation of teaching and learning activities of training and learning assessors; specifically enabling her to create individual action plans for each team member. In turn, this enables her to monitor and improve the quality of provision, permitting her to see at a glance progress against objectives and identify specific development requirements and training needs.

The Prevent and Ofsted modules are also key features of a tailor-made system used by the training provider. Prevent is helping to bolster the company’s anti-terrorism and radicalisation strategy, while the latter one is driving an enhanced quality improvement planning capability.

Mesma’s accessibility and utility has also been adopted by AAA Training & Recruitment’s five observers, directors and its Board, enabling everyone to stay up-to-date with progress relating to specific tasks and actions that have been set-up and assigned to staff.

Mesma is an amazing tool, providing far greater control that alternative systems, and bringing the whole quality assurance and learner experience together in one, easily accessible place. I can see at a glance how things are progressing and manage whole processes far better and easier than ever before.