Quality Assurance and Improvement Consultancy Services

We’ve worked with hundreds of education providers, using our quality assurance and improvement expertise to help them build and sustain the best possible experience for learners.

Our consultancy services are available as a package alongside our insightQ software platform or as stand alone improvement partner services.

We work with the smallest independent training providers to the largest government departments. Our improvement partner team has the expertise and backgrounds to match. Every assignment starts with a conversation and we take it from there to see if we’re right for one another.

Our Approach


    We exist to support improvements in the quality of our client's education provision


    We advise and support clients from a position of knowledge


    We question practice and raise difficult issues where needed


    We welcome and encourage our advice and guidance to be questioned


    We help you improve, not judge you

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Education governance support
Education Governance Support
Our clients trust us to provide external scrutiny of their training and education provision or help them to build an appropriate governance model that works for them. We aim to assure senior leaders that their model is secure in delivering high quality education and help safeguard the reputation of our clients through supportive, honest challenge and insight.
Workforce Training and Development
Workforce Training and Development
Our training and development solution include:
Curriculum design and delivery Effective training, coaching and assessment techniques
Safeguarding and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Preparation for Ofsted inspection for nominee and staff
Quality Reviews
Quality Reviews
We support our clients to undertake deep-dive curriculum quality reviews to determine areas of strength and improvement. We have a track record for structuring these enquiries in a way which results in robust findings in order to target improvements and celebrate good practice.
Partnership with SDN
It is our pleasure to work on behalf of and in partnership with the team at Strategic Development Network. We have supported them in the delivery of the Future Apprenticeships programme alongside many other assignments for their client base.
Quality Assurance Support
Quality Assurance Support
There are times when an extra pair of hands helps you to design and deliver a robust quality assurance and improvement cycle. Sometimes, it's more cost effective to work with a partner like us than take on additional employees.
We can help you:
Design your QA policies, processes and activities and work alongside you to undertake the activities; such as observation of teaching, learner file reviews and self-assessment reporting.
Self-assessment reporting
Self-assessment reporting
We have supported so many clients to undertake meaningful self-assessment reporting we've lost count! It is always our pleasure to facilitate team events, provide critical friend support or help build the structure needed to move self-assessment from a paper-exercise to one which drives improvement for our clients.

Who We Work With

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