Apprenticeships: Changing role of the IQA webinar

Do you manage the internal quality assurance (IQA) of your apprenticeship provision? If so, the way you carry out your role is likely to change, especially if delivering apprenticeship standards with no mandated qualifications.

In many cases, delivering apprenticeship standards will require you to rethink how you utilise your IQA resource. Are your IQA activities solely focused on awarding body requirements? Are you able to monitor the apprentice’s learning and progress effectively (particularly where there are no qualifications)? Is your role helping trainers to prepare apprentices adequately for the gateway and end-point assessment?


On Mon 14th October (12.30-1.30pm), SDN and Mesma are teaming up to host a repeat of our IQA webinar, taking you through:

  • The key changes to the IQA role and the questions you should be asking
  • How to quality assure progress in the absence of qualifications
  • Practical examples of how IQA’s can contribute to preparing apprentices for end-point assessment
  • How you change and adapt your internal quality assurance processes so they are fit for purpose

The webinar will be insightful and action-focused, equipping you with the knowledge, tools and resources to prepare for your future role in apprenticeships.

You can book onto the webinar for £55 (+VAT). This includes the live webinar (with Q&A), webinar recording, and supporting tools / resources.

Can’t make the date / time? Book anyway and we’ll send you the recording and materials.

Who are these webinars for?

This webinar is designed for those responsible for the internal quality assurance of their apprenticeship provision (or similar roles).

Facilitators and speakers

The webinar series will be facilitated by Louise Doyle, Director of quality assurance experts Mesma and Strategic Associate with SDN. Louise has been heavily involved in supporting hundreds of apprenticeship staff to prepare to deliver standards and improve their provision.

Why an SDN-Mesma webinar?

SDN and Mesma are leading experts in the apprenticeship reforms. The SDN team have supported over 5,000 apprenticeship staff, from 1,000 organisations, to prepare for the reforms. We’ve also worked closely with over 80 of the trailblazer employer groups, giving us a unique insight into what is required. Mesma are quality assurance experts and provide online software, tools and in-depth support for providers across the country.


To keep costs down, payment for the webinar must be made online via credit card (book here). If you are a Local Authority, and unable to book via card, please email us on:

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (including our refund policy) for these events and webinars can be found here. When you make a booking, you agree to these Terms and Conditions (including those who request a booking via email and invoice)

Any questions, or to request an invoice, please email:

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