Mesma can support any standard, in any sector.

Mesma can be applied to any external or internal quality assurance standard.

If you are assessed against it we’ve got it covered.

If you choose to use it as an improvement framework we’ve got that covered too.

Our work for clients includes:

Mesma for Prevent Duty

Learner Employability Toolkit

Apprenticeship Reforms

Benefits of Using Mesma

  • Flexibility in set-up to meet the needs of every organisation - small sub-contractors, Local Adult Education, colleges and national training providers

  • Structured to allow departmental and whole organisation approach to SAR development

  • Accountability for improvement activities at individual level

  • Visibility of Self Assessment and Improvement Plan between departments, sites and even partners. Allows for peer reviews

  • Time and resource saving by reducing paper and email communication

  • Confidence that your evaluation is in line with latest external inspectorate guidance

Mesma Features


    Use the Mesma application anywhere you can get online with a desktop pc, laptop or tablet. Secure Microsoft data centres serve with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.


    The ability to create departmental as well as whole organisation self assessments


    Game changing Improvement Planning; Mesma will change what may currently seem like a paper exercise into real improvement activity within your organisation.


    All your quality assurance documents and evidence sources are held in one central point to access and link to their evaluations with ease.


    Download your improvement plan or show your self assessment as a RAG report to identify key areas that require improvement.

Self Assessment

Mesma allows you to demonstrate a robust approach to involving your team or partners in the self assessment process and gives you the confidence that your evaluation is in line with Inspectorate framework.

Mesma defaults to an inspection framework relevant to you as well as providing the flexibility to alter these to suit your organisation.

A step by step self assessment template takes you and your team through completion of your evaluative report from writing an evaluative statement, capturing key strengths & weaknesses and grading. Mesma allows you to allocate specific areas of the evaluation process to other members of your organisation whilst you have the ability to oversee progress at a glance, provide online feedback on submissions and control timely completion of the final report.

Mesma provides the platform to allow for peer to peer reviews between organisations in a secure and easily accessible way.

You can generate activity directly from areas of your self assessment to feed into the improvement plan and cross-reference with other areas of your provision with ease.

The Mesma improvement plan allows you to link it to your self assessment with ease, allocate activities to key personnel in your organisation and collectively monitor progress without the need for wasting time chasing updates.

If your self assessment report is your balance sheet then your improvement plan is your profit and loss account; a reflection of your current state and future capacity to improve. Yet for many colleges and training providers the process of linking the two together can be cumbersome and time consuming. The time is swallowed up with report writing rather than making change a reality. Mesma makes the linking of areas of your report to actions on the improvement plan easy with its ability to create actions from a subject area and cross-reference it with others.

As part of your improvement planning process you can allocate actions to members of your team, set deadlines, report on progress and capture desired & actual impact. It is designed to make self evaluation engaging and give ownership for improvement to a number of different people across your organisation.



Mesma gives you the confidence that all quality assurance documents and evidence sources are held in one central point to access when needed and link to evaluations with ease.

Keep all of your relevant reports, policies, quality assurance processes and evaluation reference documents in one easy to access filing cabinet. As Mesma is a web-based application you have the confidence that these can be accessed from anywhere.

The documents space has the addition of user permission levels so you can control who sees what and policy scheduling to alert owners when a review needs to be undertaken. You can even use it to share key information with governors.

Mesma enables you to view your improvement plan or show your self assessment as a RAG report to identify key areas that require improvement.

The reporting options allows you to do just that and more besides.

You can also download your self assessment report and improvement plan into Word or Excel format where needed.

Mesma overcomes the challenges standard word-processed documents creates by ensuring your improvement plan are utilised throughout the year to develop your organisation. It achieves this by providing you with reports that allow you to oversee delivery against actions and filtering based on what you want to view.


Flexibility in set up and configuration
Before you use Mesma, you can set-up your own user accounts and most importantly, allocate areas of the SAR and improvement plan to people in your organisation to own. You can add your own guidance for your team to help them to complete it and store key documents for them to refer to so you know they are looking at the most up to date source. You can even change our template headings if you would prefer alternatives to suit your organisation.
Help & Guidance
Mesma has a built in Help function that directs you to the appropriate sections of the Common Inspection Framework. Our specialist team have added in additional guidance that we know will help you to make your SAR the best it can be. You also have the ability to add in your own guidance, bespoke to your organisation that will give invaluable support to your employees. Our support service means that if you have a burning question, you can get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help.
Confidence in Security
Mesma is hosted in the Microsoft Windows Azure data centres in Western Europe, the same highly secure ISO 27001 compliant environment that hosts other Microsoft online services used by millions of people every day, such as Bing.com, Office 365, Hotmail and Xbox Live. Using the latest physical and biometrical security measures, access to the data centre is granted to a small number of highly qualified Microsoft infrastructure professionals. All servers are actively monitored 24x365 to identify any attempted security breaches so your data is kept safe and secure.



How will Mesma benefit our organisation?

Mesma will provide you with an online solution that allows you to coordinate  the development and management of your Self Assessment and Improvement Plan with ease. We promise you, you’ll never go back to word processing it again.

How do I subscribe?

You can arrange a demo or purchase a subscription by either by telephoning us or via the request form on the website.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, none. For a limited period we are providing set-up support and training free of charge. The pricing structure you see on our prices page are exactly what you will be charged (excluding VAT). The minimum term for subscriptions is 12 months. If you subscribe over a 24 or 36 month period we will fix the price for you for that period.